Backend Engineer



  • Build new features to make our product/customer experience better
  • Develop internal APIs and Services
  • Interpret and implement Architectures
  • Automate business processes
  • Participate in the functional design of new products/features
  • Write/test/deploy clean and reliable code


  • 6+ years of experience building high scale infrastructure
  • Production Level knowledge of Java or/and Typescript (Node.js)
  • Experience with Typescript Nest.js MongoDB Postgres AWS Redis Kafka
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, cross-group, and cross-culture collaboration
  • Good Understanding of Design Patterns & Scalability
  • Experience with Payment Services Integration & Processing
  • Solid understanding of Microservices architecture
  • Experience with Containerization (Docker & Kubernetes)
  • Experience with Setting up CI/CD Pipelines
  • Experience with GRPC
Education Degree
Experience 6 years
Added 29 days ago
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